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Community Interpreting Training Program Application

Community Interpreting Training Program Application

Pinpoint Translation Services Policy Agreement

Participant must provide signature of agreement to show that they fully understand and agree to comply with Pinpoint Translation Services’ course policies and procedures. Pinpoint Translation Services reserves the right to establish and modify the course policies and fees as deemed necessary.


  • Priority will be given to interpreters serving the Northeast Region.
  • Non-registered individuals and those with incomplete registrations will not be allowed in
    the course.
  • Registrants must meet eligibility criteria, complete registration forms, and submit course fees.
  • Participants will be notified by phone or e-mail to con rm their registration and receipt of payment. Participants will be contacted by Pinpoint Translation Services staff prior to course start date. Registration confirmation will be valid only when registrants received direct communication from Pinpoint Translation Services staff.
  • Participants will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.


  • Participants who arrive after the course has started will not be allowed into class. Please allow adequate time for traffic, parking and other delays. If there is a need to cancel due to an emergency, please call Pinpoint Translation Services program coordinator at 401-784-8627.
  • Participants must notify Pinpoint Translation Services of any cancellations or withdrawals in this course accordance with the Community Interpreting Training cancellation, withdrawal, and refund policy. Pinpoint will not refund course fees under any circumstance, including cancellations.
  • Participants must attend the course for the full duration of a session to receive credit for the day.
  • Cellphones, smartphones, or any other type of electronic device must be turned off or put on silent mode during the course. Calls should be made or answered only during breaks, except in case of emergency. Texting is absolutely not allowed during the course.
  • Participants are responsible for parking fees (if any) and meals.
  • Pinpoint Translation Services reserves the right to terminate a participant’s registration in the event of threatening behavior on the part of the participant, as de ned by Pinpoint Translation Services’ policy. In such cases, course fees are non-refundable.
  • Participants understand and agree that certificates of successful completion will be awarded only to students that attend the full 80 hour program and pass both the written final exam with a minimum of 70% and oral final exam with a 75%.

Special Accomodations

  • Pinpoint Translation Services is handicap accessible.
  • Any special arrangements (such as for ASL interpreters) must be requested four weeks
    prior to any course.

Emergency Closing

In the event of inclement weather conditions, please call the main line 401-784-8627.

By agreeing to this form, I acknowledge that I have read and agree with Pinpoint Translation Services’ policies and procedures. I agree to comply with all course policies and procedures in order to participate in any Pinpoint Translation Services program, and understand that failure to comply may prevent present or future participation.