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I’ll Have the Water Pies…?

February 1, 2016

Food speaks to the belly, and the belly speaks to the soul. However, ordering food can become difficult when the menu has not been translated properly. William Dalrymple, a recent college graduate and writer, learned all about this in 1986, when he travelled the alleged route Marco Polo took from Jerusalem to Xanadu.

During his travels, Dalrymple came upon the “Kujuk Ayas Family Restrant” (if that even is their real name) and decided to stop in for a bite. They were handed the “Ingliz Menuyu”, which held delicacies such as “water pies”, “brain salad”, and “meat pide” to name a few. Now, it was probably safe to guess what some of these meant, but Dalrymple probably wasn’t going to gamble with the “brain salad.”

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